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We do it with LOVE.

PatioGate Pet Resort's mission is to help ease the relationship with your furry companion. Since our inception in 2015 we have focused on providing our dogs with the proper care and attention your baby requires, and to do so in a manner that is intimate and soothing.

We are a women owned and operated small American business and we are extremely proud of that.

Everything in our facility was built by us with your dog's comfort in mind.

Our cubbies are ample; We have full doors so your dog can disconnect and relax in his/her den, eat peacefully and not being on guard. As soon as those doors open, we are off into our specific groups to our HUGE yards. A full day of stimulation means tired, happy pups!

Our owners Sophia Medina and Diana Maurer not only wanted to make this their life goal and business, but to run this business as a fair and accepting facility. We take all kinds of dogs, and we do not charge for medication administration nor their playtime. 

We recently moved in 2023 and are still improving every day! We welcome you to come be part of our Family and grow with us! 

We can't wait to play! 


Sophia Medina (L) Diana Maurer (R)

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