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Your dog(s) must complete a Temperament Test so we have an understanding of the dynamics of their personality to ensure that your dog is a good fit with the right play group.  

  • Temperament tests MUST be scheduled with us in advance - please call ahead to schedule a time convenient to your schedule (713-364-4763). Most dogs complete their evaluation within an hour.   There is a $30 Application & Evaluation fee per dog.


  • Please note that we must have current vaccinations in order to conduct the temperament test with your dog.  You may bring a copy or have your Vet email us.


  • New clients who have successfully completed their evaluation should complete, if possible, at least one day of Day Care with us prior to boarding to introduce familiarity with our surroundings. It will make boarding your pet less stressful for them.


  • PLAY TIME:  Owners understand that supervised off-leash socialization and interaction between our guests is what we do. Owners understand that our guests are provided approximately 5-7 hours of play time in our large fenced play yards allowing them to romp, run, play,  and sleep at their leisure.  Owners also acknowledge that dogs are unpredictable in behavior, are aware of the risks involved in such play, and assume all risks. Accidents can happen from time to time and could include a cut paw or a scraped leg from free play with other dogs. Also with our natural outdoor areas, dogs get to be dogs and could possibly hurt themselves. Owner must understand that our environment is very different from life at home. 5 hours of free time is generally VERY different from life at home. They will run and play hard, scrape their paws, pick-up sticks, chew on twigs, grass, you name it!


Temperament Evaluation

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