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Special Needs & Seniors

Do you have a Special Needs or Senior Baby? 

All babies are welcome. As a small boutique we are able to keep things more intimate, and give much needed love to every baby that comes to us. Including special needs and seniors. 

Senior & Special Care

If your kids are elderly or face any physical, intellectual, or behavioral challenges, we are here for them! All babies receive love, outside time, and personal cubbies or rooms varied by size. We cater to their at home schedules and needs to ensure they keep to their routine.

If your baby takes medication, we can do that too! *Medication administration is included with your stay!*

"It was such a relief to be able to travel and not worry about Roo Biscuit or her care.  It was great that you had her very own chair all set up so we didn't have to drag it over.  The special care required by a Megaesophagus pet is rarely understood but yall know exactly what's needed.  It was also a great comfort that you have an emergency Vet with this experience on call"

                                                                                    Shanna & Robert Moore

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