Day Camp Rates

Boarding Rates

Full Day (+ 6 Hours)              $30 

+ Per Additional Dog          $25

Monthly Membership Package

Discount Rates are per dog

One Day a Week        $116 per month

Two Days Week        $224 per month

Three days a Week    $336 per month

Four days a Week      $416 per month

Pick up after Noon         $15

Check Out time

Five days a Week      $500 per month

Day Camp Members have priority for Boarding

In case you forget to bring their food:

                   $10 per day

Mommies & Daddies should bring in their pet's regular food for any meals to prevent upset tummies but in case you forget we have a well balanced meal we provide our very own shop puppies




+ Per Additional Dog            $15

Per Night                    $40

Check Out by 11am

Per Additional Dog        $30

per night

Check Out by 12PM 

Drop off for Boarding starts

at 7am & includes the Day

Camp & Sleep Over.

1/2 Day  (- 6 Hours)              $20

Includes 1 Daycare