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Full Day Camp                $30

  + Additional Dog           $25

1/2 Day Camp  (-5 hrs)      $20

  + Additional Dog           $15

*Drop Off & Pick Up from 7AM to 6PM




Monthly Membership Package


       Discount Rates are per dog

***Day Camp Members have priority boarding***

1 day/week ($29 per day)   $116 per month

2 day/week ($28 per day) $224 per month

3 day/week ($27 per day) $336 per month

4 day/week ($26 per day)  $416 per month

Unlimited ($16 per day)    $500 per month



DAY CAMP versus Day Care?

PatioGate's Day Camp is so much more than your average day care. At PatioGate Pet Resort we like to Live like the Gate's been left open! During the day your Fur Kid will run, play, and nap with their new furry friends in a peaceful and fun environment! We will match your dog with compatible playmates in size and temperament to ensure they have the MOST fun and socialization

while they are here.



Our Doggie Guests will have a full morning of excitement and fun, then around noon we allow some time for our Poochies to relax and chill indoors.  After their brief respite, they are back out to Play Land for more fun and frolic in the fresh air for great exercise and enrichment activities. 

By the time you come to pick up your Fur Kid, they will be exhausted from a fun day of activities, and happy to give you all the thank you kisses in the world!  Your Fur Kid should be happy & eager, whether coming or going, so you know they're getting the care and attention we give to our very own furry little ones.


Includes 1 Day & a Half Day Care

Per night ( 1 Dog)             $45

2nd Sibling Dog               $40

3rd Sibling Dog               $35 

*Call us for unaltered dog rates.

**Holiday Rates $55 Night

Drop off from 7AM to 6PM. You have from 7 in the morning, through the night, till 12 PM the next day.  That's 29 hours of Playcation at one All Inclusive rate.  No hidden fees.  No upcharge.


In case you forget to bring their food


Food Sm Dog   $3 x 2 = $6 per day

Food Lrg Dog   $5 x 2 = $10 per day

Mommies & Daddies should bring in their pet's regular food for any meals to prevent upset tummies but in case you forget we have a well balanced meal we provide our very own shop puppies




*Running Late Or Stuck In Rush Hour Traffic?  IT'S HOUSTON!

We understand! Just give us a call & we will be as accommodating as possible! We don't feel you should be punished or stressed for bad traffic. Our staff is scheduled for duties performed after closing so you won't be hit for another day because you're running late. It's just not neighborly.

What We Need From You
Boarding in Style! 
When we say Resort, we mean it! 
Large Indoor Play Rooms
Lux Suites for Family's
Light & Airy Sleeping Nooks

Professional loving care givers make sure

your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

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