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About us

Our Fur Children are our passion.  PatioGate Pet Resort was created with the dream of providing an exceptional Pet Resort in the most natural park like setting. Much like you'd do at your own home, we open our PatioGate into a dream backyard where your Fur Kid spends his day with his favorite playmates. Your Family Pet will enjoy his day playing and romping in the fresh air in dappled shade and gentle breezes.  Our dogs really do play all day!

Our resort design is based like a play land for fur kids in a healthy environment.  Flora and fauna have earned us The National WIldlife Federation designation of a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  We provide food and shelter to native species of birds and butterflies and use Green Cleaning Supplies that are manufactured in Houston, are enzymatic, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, & non-polluting.


Our Play Yard Artificial Grass is recycled from local football fields reducing our carbon footprint and eliminates adding to the local dump site.


LED Landscape Lighting dramatically reduces the impact on the environment due to the big savings in electric usage and installation costs.


Mosquito Control is an all natural formula with organic ingredients.  Applied to shrubs and turf where insects breed.

“I feel PatioGate Pet Resort went above and beyond to care for our dogs."  ​

Amy Douglas, Jackson's owner


Sophia L. Medina



This is by far the most beautiful dog boarding facility I've been in. I'm really happy. 

Katherine Dextraze, Opie's owner


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